Professional Services



Not only do we deliver quality and value, we deliver the product to your site when you need it! JL's Home Hardware is equipped with a range of vehicles able to handle orders large and small for a nominal $25 flat fee.  Most orders are delivered within one business day.  All deliveries are conveniently placed on the job site and stacked to suit the build process.  In addition, special arrangements can be made to lift material for ease of use.


Material Estimating


Are you an architect or designer? We can help make your dreams become reality. Our skilled estimators can provide quotes for your designs using Home Hardware's proprietery software. Don't hesitate to ask us if your are unsure of how much material you need. We'll make sure your project is complete with the best quality and quantity. Material Takeoff


Online Invoicing


Join our growing list of clients that are taking advantage of our online invoicing program. Forget the mess of paper that can lead to overlooked or lost invoices. Save some space and paper while we make your records available to you through our secured site. You will receive your own private login to our secure site where you can view, print, and download any invoice since joining us as our valued customer. Just read this review from one of our valued clients:


"I have been printing our company invoices off JL’s Home Hardware computer system for approximately the past year.      Thomasfield Homes can have anywhere from at least 50 to 200 invoices each month, every invoice gets allocated to the job that the material was purchased for.  Very time consuming.     With this new system I can go online daily and print out the invoices.  This is more productive then waiting until the end of the month to receive invoices, getting the invoices checked and then entering each individual invoice in time to pay for the end of the month.  The statements are also online after the 15th of the month, which allows me to double check the payables that I have for JL’s.  If I am missing an invoice I can go in and find it online, easy!   Bottom line the program is great and would never go back to the old way."

Karen Lougheed

Administrative Assistant

Thomasfield Homes