What Is JL's?

Have you been looking for a hardware store with a difference? Feel lost and unnoticed in a big-box establishment? Come to JL's Home Hardware. We are family first and a business second. We take great pride in providing the best for our employees and customers. JL's is a caring family, one that provides great selection, personal service, and extended value through our many design and installation offerings.


Our Offer.

At JL's, all employees believe in offering the friendliest and most knowledgeable customer service in the industry.  We are constantly working to improve our skills and knowledge.  The enjoyment that each staff member receives when a customer is completely satisfied and feels they can tackle any task is reflected in the friendly service given to any customer.

Today, JL's offers over 26,000 products in stock and has over 100,000 items available to any customer.  With four locations to serve customers, our products are readily available and only a short drive away. 

A complete vehicle fleet is readily available to provide any delivery service.  With mobile lift trucks, boom truck, cube vans and vehicles of other sizes to carry any load, you can be assured your delivery will always be on time and where you want it.

From lumber to drywall, from tubs to paint, JL's has everything you need to meet all your building supply needs when completing that special project. 

All contractors from the large builder to the small independent renovator are treated with service second to none with a dedicated contractor entrance, a drive-through yard, and our dedicated contractor sales team.


Locally Owned and Operated

JLs defined.

JLs Culture.

J.L. Belisle started JL’s Home Hardware Building Centre nearly 30 years ago with the idea of creating a complete building supply destination that would redefine building supply. Since then, J.L. has gained a wealth of experience that has driven the brand to call Guelph and Waterloo Region home. There are now 4 stores operating in these areas to effectively service your building supply needs.


Efficient, reliable, dedicated, honest, responsible, and committed are some of the characteristics that defines JL’s Home Hardware Building Centre. A family business with a family feel.

At JL's, customer service is a culture.  The culture is very family-oriented offering a friendly and supportive environment for staff and customers.  The employees at JL's enjoy an active and energetic environment with high engagement in daily activities.  Shared experiences from a diverse workforce of any age or background results in continuous learning and improvement of skills. For the employee this means a great opportunity to grow and improve in the company.  For the customer, it is a great place to have your questions answered and find what you need to do the job.